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Addiction Log Book 2002
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Addiction Log Book 2002

Winter and Spring Sailing Recap - 2002 The great thing about sailing the bay is that you can do it all year long! We started the winter with a visit from my parents (my dad used to take us to the Chesapeake for water skiing and picnics on his 18 ft Alumicraft). Then we had some condensation gather in the fuel tanks and we had to change the filters and we were back on the water. Took my sister and her husband out for a spin to Angel Island one lovely Sunday (visiting from Delaware). The Deweys were also participants of a nice day Of sailing to Angel. In early April, Jack took me out and showed me how to rig the spinnaker. We have flown it three times since with great results! Also took about six friends out one Sunday in April and had a nice run to Angel then a wild and windy (35 knots) ride home. May brought us back to Kaboom! and a lovely day on the bay with night sailing right thru the fireworks. Took out some of the Hearts of Space crew for a sail, Geoffs work crew and his parents. All in all a great winter/spring of sailing the bay!

June 2 - Set sail early Sunday with Uncle Sean for the Gate. I had popped out only once before with Arnie and the tides lined up for a run to the Pacific. We slipped out the other side around 11:30 with 15-18 k winds and a pretty bumpy ride. It was beautiful. We keep it going towards the lighthouse (Pt. Bonita) and then peeked our heads out for a good look up and down the coast. We headed back in perfect sailing conditions and savored this big moment. We thought about a spin run home but the wind wasnt quite right so we just sailed it to Compadres for dinner with Bridget and Connor. What a memorable day!

June 13 - Had my first solo sail in a long time (Sierra was there) and had a lovely day of it. I sailed towards the bridge and at 18 -20 had no problem with the tide. Got under the bridge and thought about reefing but it would have been difficult by myself. Sailed towards Alcatraz and the wind kept building so I headed back under the Bay Bridge and had a great time sailing in moderate winds. Need to sharpen up on my man over board drills!

July and August Review - I continue to get out about once a week and am really enjoying the sailing! Most of the adventures this summer have been on weekdays with friends. Had some great sails with the likes of Scumby and his nephew, Kendell to the ballgame as well as Tex hanging in McCovey cove. Also did a ballgame sail with Ron. Had a nice one with Leslie out to Angel along with Geoff and Hal on a Sunday. Also had a couple nice solo days with Sierra. I have a couple of days late in the month and a good buddy from LA will join me for a ballgame sail, over to The Ramp for tunes out to Angel and hanging in the city. We will see how that pans out. We lost two of our partners (one moved and the other gets out only a half dozen times a year) so we are looking for two more to join us. Let us know if you are interested!

UPDATE:Dave and I took our little 2.5 day trip and had a blast!! We started out with a trip to the ball game the Giants won and Dave caught a foul ball! We then went down to The Ramp and saw the reggae band and had some dinner. To bed early then a nice bike ride to the Gate. Foggy and pretty. Then off to Angel Island for a little hove to action and then on to Schoonmaker Marina. The staff had left for the day at the marina so we did a side tie on an outside dock. Went swimming at the beach and played some Friz. Then off to Margaritaville for some great food. Had some hammock time then to bed. We had a nice bike ride to Tennesse Valley in the AM and then back to Alameda so Dave could get back to LA. I still had a few hours and went back out for some solid 20 knot sailing up to Treasure and had a great late afternoon sail with Sierra. We were both very tired after the day was done. Made it barely off the dock in time to pick up the family. What a great time.

We had a wonderful sail on the 17th for my birthday. I took out Mike, Jeanie, Dennis Sue, Kendall and Molly for a trip out the gate. We saw 30 dolphins as we came back in. Nice lunch in Hurricane Gulch. Then had a spinnaker run all the way down the estuary. What a great way to celebrate the day!!!

October Recap: Spent a few weeks taking folks out on the boat to get them to join our partnership. Had a nice day sail with Arnie and Tex as we sailed out the gate and saw more dolphins and some nice swells. Had a solo sail out to Angel with lots of boat traffic right before fleet week. As I was coming back accross the slot there was a barge on collision course with me. He was a ways off so I figured I could out pace him. We continued on CC for 15 minutes and finally he turned so we were running parallel and everything was fine. Rounded up and should have reefed but made it across. Then last week I met Arnie at the dock and we sailed to Angel for a game of bocce and lunch. It was a great sail and game as well. I took off at first and was killing him but he battled back and it was 14 to 14. I turned it on and won 15 to 17! Had a great spin run down the estuary after our initial attempt of putting the spinniker on upside down. But hey we were doing six knots and nobody was around so we laughed and then fixed it. This week we are off to the World Series and McCovy cove for the game....stay tuned!

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