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Addiction Log Book 2001
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Here you can read about some of our (mis) adventures on the bay! All we need are some contributing editors and correspondents.

Friday, 6-8-01 - Captain Craig and Sierra took off for an afternoon cruise and loved it. The winds were 18-21 knots south of the bay bridge with a single reef in the main. It was beautiful with only a few boats out. The Addiction is such a fun and easy boat to sail. Even at 30' she is a joy to singlehand! The hardest part of sailing alone is the folding of the sails. Hope to have many more days like this one!

Sunday, 7-1-01 - Crew List: Captain Craig, Sierra, Arron and Sean. We got out early on Sunday and we were at the Bay Bridge by 11am. I could see the wind line ahead and we shot over to Angel Island. Got the last slip on the island and had a nice lunch with the boys. After lunch we headed around the corner for a swim with Sierra. I was looking at the other boats to see what folks were doing and saw a bunch of single reefed sails. So that's what we did. Headed back towards the city but the wind was too strong so we turned around and double reefed. Much better. We got in the slot and the wind was about 30 knots. She did real well! Went behind Treasure Island and then headed for Pac Bell had a nice sail accross the bay and back. Down the estuary to Chevy's and pulled up right as a boat was leaving the guest slip and tied her down. Great dinner with the family and then put her to bed. we had great timing all day and a great sail! We didn't break anything! That's a first!

Tuesday, July 3, 2001 - Went out for a solo sail and had too much fun! Out the estuary at 11:30 and a wind line up ahead towards the bridge. Nice easy sailing for a couple tacks. Then it picked up to 18-20. Got under the bridge and sailed back and forth between the City and Treasure. What a beautiful day to be on the water. Hardly anybody out there and I am so happy to have this boat! At 2pm I start a slow sail down wind and back to the estuary. Since it was so hot, I took down the sails and let the boat drift. Then I went in the water and swam around and under the boat. Even at a knot or 2 the water pressure near the keel is great. I can't imagine what it must be like at top speed. Had my best solo sail yet and hope to have many more! Captain Craig

Thursday, July 7, 2001 - Went out solo again and had even a better sail than Tuesday!! I didn't think that was possible. Went south out of the estuary and there was nobody out! Set the brake with a single reef and let the boat go for a beautiful day on the bay. She sailed so well, all by herself. Sailed for a couple hours and headed back to the marina....loving life!!!

Monday, July 23, Captain Jeff and Crew. We did not end up going overnight to Pier 39. But, we did take the boat and sail that Monday. We went out just the two of us about 1:00PM and had a gentle 10 knot breeze. I put up the #2 jib and the main with 1 reef. Things were great and moving along about 5 to 6 knots. But, as you know once you get out behind the corner of the city front things really change. At this point we had 15 to 20 knots of wind and were on our ear. So I cracked about 60 degrees to get us back on our feet and sailed down far enough to chicken jib (270 degrees). Things got better and we sailed south behind T.I. all the way down to the harbor of the Naval Air Station. We went in and sailed by for a close view the Hornet (old aircraft carrier) and turned for home. The wind had picked back up in the south bay (10 to 15 knots) so we had a much sail up as we could comfortably go to weather with. I had my nephew drive most of the day and he did pretty well, even staying with it when overpowered. It seemed to take a while to convince him that we could not tip over no matter what we did. The only boat issue was that half way through the day we discovered that the main sheet was not attached to the block on the traveler, but held in place by it's knot in the first block on the boom. I found an old pin and ring in the tool box and fixed it on the way home in the Estuary. Other then that the boat ran great and my nephew though he had a pretty cool day. I have heard that sailing is one of the most often repeated stories when he got home.

Sunday-Tuesday, July 28-30 Captain Craig, Connor, Sierra, Danny and Daffy Dave set out for a 2 day sojourn of the bay at sunset on Sunday evening. There was a bit of a breeze blowing as we motored out the esturay for our destination of Clipper Cove. After an hour or so cruise we anchored at the cove with half a dozen other boats. I immediadtly deployed the two man kayak so Sierra could take care of biz on the beach. We settled in with Connor going a mile a minute with stories and jokes. We retired at 11 for the night. The boat was swinging nicely on her anchor but this was my first night on anchor and I was a bit nervous with three other boats within striking distance. I didn't sleep well in the cockpit. At 2am I heard a strange noise. What is it??? I listened again......It's Sierra and he is telling me he has the runs and we better get into shore pronto. Oh the joys of owning a pet. Got in and back with no problem. Still no sleeping on my part. There is that noise again, this time it's 5am. Back to the beach. Sierra was a good boy though. He came right back to the kayak and got in when I called. One more time at 7am. No sleep all night. We had french toast on board for breakfast and then double reefed for saftey. We had a nice sail up the back side of Angel and continued to Pardise Cove in Marin. We got there and it was way too windy in the cove. We went back towards Angel and found a nice still cove with an inviting beach. We anchored and took Sierra in for more biz on the beach. Had a nice lunch on board and then Connor insisted on a tour of the beach. I paddled him and Sierra and Dave in. There were two guys on the beach who had been drinking beer most of the morning. They said there were born on the property and had been living there all their lives. Connor and Dave went down the beach to explore. Meanwhile, I flopped down on my bed (kayak) for a nap after being up all night. Then the talker of the two says, "You're way too casual man, you are going to have to leave as this is private property". Oh give me a break. I am not bothering them but because I was too tired to talk to them they are kicking us off the island?????? I told Dave we had to leave and he couldn't believe it. Nor could I. They said we ignored them and they didn't like it. We packed up and left. Oh well, the one time I lose my gift for gab and look what happens. We sailed towards Racoon Strait and past our mooring at Aayela Cove on Angel.and out towards the GG Bridge. Had a nice sail and then back to the cove for relaxing and dinner. I must say I cooked up a fine meal of chicken, salad, bread and asparagus. Everybody loved it. Then we set up the hammock on the bow and Dave pulled out his guitar for some awesome songs and sing-a-longs. My favorite was America's "TINMAN". Then we settled in for a DVD called "Celebrity". I was busy with Sierra so I missed it. We watched the moon come up in this beautiful place and then I slept the best I ever have on the boat. Tied to mooring bouys, I had no worries. We had a nice breakfast then sailed to Pier 39 for lunch. We called them up on the radio and had a guest berth in no time...right by the sea lion colony. Connor thought that was cool. He and Danny took a ride on the merry go round. We had a great lunch at Dante's and then hit the water about 2pm. When we got back on the bay it was really blowing hard so we retreated to the south side of the Bay Bridge and sailed the afternoon away in a nice breeze. We shook out the reefs and she was off like a deer. At about 5pm we entered the estuary and I was thankful we had a safe trip.....almost. As we were getting close to Jack London, I suggested a swim as it was warming up. Danny was game so we got on our suits and prepared to jump in. The sails were down and we were drifting with one sailboat coming near us, Danny asked if he could jump in. I said yes thinking he had seen the boat. He said later that he had seen it but didn't think it was that close. He dove in and out and all of the sudden the boat is headed straight for him. I alerted him and the boat and they quickly made adjustments as he stroked hard to move towards our boat. They passed by and I apologized and we averted disaster. It can happen quick around here. We met Bridget for a nice dinner at Chevy's and then it was time to clean up the boat. What a geart trip and a safe one too. Our next journey will be in September for 5 days up to the delta with Dave Robert and Texwave. That should be another great adventure on the high seas....stay tuned, I can't wait.

Aug.14, Tuesday, the year of our Lord 2001-- Captian Big Craig Russell led his crew of First Mate Robert, Second Mate Andy, and Water Boy Brian on an arduous trek to Angel Isand in the beautiful San Francisco Bay. The day started early. Low clouds loomed overhead as we made our way onto the dock of the Addiction, our spirits high and our thirst for adventure thoroughly unquenched. The only thing able to curtail our trek to the bay: our depleted petroleum reserves. What would have otherwise been a speedy stop at the filling station turned ugly when competing vessels occupied the gas pumps for unnecessarily long periods of time. Forced to make a detour to Jack London Square for fill-up, we scrounged together enough change to pay the gas lackey and sped out into the open waters. The first mate and water boy could not contain their enthusiasm, so Captain Craig was forced to subdue the unruly duo with especially strong bloody marys. Peace returned to the journying vessel once again and the sails were hoisted. Angel Island, Ho!! The glassy waters then began to lose their tranquil luster and choppy white caps lapped at the sides of the boat. Winds gusted and the fog rolled in unmercifully, consuming us in a blanket of gray wool. We covered our hats and pulled the jib taught. We were in control and well on the way to making it to Angel Island ahead of schedule. Captain Craig began to notice that his crew was growing emaciated and weak and decided that he would put some food in their bellies and some pep in their step with salami, bread, and impossibly hot habanero jack cheese. Recharged and rejuvenated the crew barreled down, tightening the sails and reaching speeds exceeding 7.62 knots. By know the sun was blaring down on our backs and the theme song to Hawaii Five-O was pounding on the boom box. We reached our target destination and basked in the beautiful glory of the bay. Ready for another challenge the crew turned the vessel around and battled the strong winds back to the marina. Though gusts forced the boat to round out a couple of times the crew was unscathed and morale and speeds were high. The crew made it back with time to spare, congratulated each other on a successful journey and headed home.

Tuesday, August 21, Captain Craig and Sierra - Looking forward to an all day singlehand sail. Picked-up the repaired jib at Hogin Sails (they did some great work if you need a sail repair or new sail) and was off to the marina. The Addiction is there waiting paitienly. Everthing is stowed and we are off. The morning is foggy however once I get close to the bay it clears and its a beautiful day for sailing. There is about 12 knots of wind and I head towards the bridge with a single reef. Thats wierd, the wind is comming from the south, but it makes for a nice sail. I didnt put it together until the next day when it rained (before a rain we get wind from the south, not the normal north west). I guess we arent used to rain in August.

There was alot more wind to the south so once I got to the bridge I headed that way. Past Pac Bell and down towards Ballena Bay. Then the wind slowed considerably and I set the wheel and went up to the bow for a relaxing sail. I really enjoy letting the boat sail herself and she does it well. After 15 minutes the wind comes up again and I run to the helm and point her towards Candlestick Park. Its so nice out here as I am the only boat I can see (except for the anchored tankers). Sierra is relaxing and we are having a great time listening to music and groovin to the boat. At 1pm we start heading north again with a strong breeze from the west. I set the wheel and let her rip. Several times she starts to round up and I make some adjustments on the wheel. She does well and the less I touch the wheel the better. We are hitting 6 and 7 knots for most of the ride up the west side of the bay. At 2pm we head back towards the estuary and I make my first mistake of the day. We get into the estuary and the wind is still blowing pretty good. I think, lets pull off the reef and go faster downwind. I lower the sail a little and the wind is so strong I cant do a thing with the sail. I flounder and cant keep the boat into the wind, the sail is down halfway on the mast and it looks like this is my first time on a boat. I learned my lesson. If it aint broke, dont fix it (especially by yourself). After about 15 minutes I had it back up and no problem.

All in all a great day on the bay!!! We are about a month away from doin the Delta and so far have a crew of four. We will see how that shakes out. I am working this weekend and then off to Tahoe for a few days. Then its Labor Day already. We have almost had the boat a year!

I keep thinking how lucky we are to have such a great boat to enjoy the bay with. I am truly Addicted.

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